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Interessante Idee. Was meint Ihr ?

Interessante Idee. Was meint Ihr ?

Can we change paintball for the better with this Attack and Defend concept? Let's get the conversation rolling - tag your friends and discuss in the comments.

We showed a match on Gosports to some people familiar with paintball, but had little knowledge of tournaments. It became immediately clear that conceding the point confuses people. In many Nxl matches the majority of points end with no one clearly winning, but one team conceding. That has no place in a sport -- want to conserve time in a football match and get another chance at possession? Just award the other team a touch down.... Too many points in "xball" end with no visible winner, followed by another point of both teams playing strategic defense. Who doesn't love the idea of watching two teams alternate between throwing the towel and trying their hardest not to win?! (sarcasm)

We could fix these issues by a combination of structural rules and a game-play concept familiar to most sports: Dedicated Attack/Defend roles, with a Play Clock.

One team must attack, the other must defend; with a play clock defining a period for the successful Attack to happen. Defending teams can't score points -- only Attacking.

Virtue has actually tested this concept in a variety of iterations of how to alternate attacking and defending roles (or "steal" the offense/defense) and all of them are much more exciting to play and to watch.

Who wants to participate in an event like this instead of more games of "shoot, then wait for them to concede and repeat"?